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  • DJ Boochyaman
  • Jonych & Tsypa Banda

    Musical project appeared on the western border of Ukraine in the village of Kvasy of Rakhiv district. Their music is as picturesque and colorful as the people of Transcarpathia. Experienced music lover will be able to distinguish Balkan fanfare and wedding polka, Colomiya's songs of Huzuls, and lonesome gypsy agrements and klezmer music elements of city romances. This is if you disassemble music into components. And if you just talk about mood, then all this inflammatory mixture gives rise to the unrestrained fun and dance.
    This is what JONYCH says about “Tsypa Band” music, "Our songs are essentially like toast - they decorate any feast and turn simple booze into an event full of emotions and senses. Priority events that we usually play at are weddings and funerals, because at both events people need an emotional release. When a person sings or dances, all tension slips away and only strength and spirit remain."
    Last year the band released its debut album "Kvasyts in Kvasy". Myroslav Kuvaldin (The Vyo front man and Jonych twin brother), the producer of the album, underlines that when writing the album they deliberately tried to reproduce the sound peculiar to the modern Western Ukrainian wedding.

  • Maromoros Project (Hudaki Village Band & Benjy Fox Rosen)

    After 75 years of separation, what is supposed to be together is assembling again. Ancestors of Benjy Fox Rosen came from Moldova and Galicia. The Ukrainian Carpathians lie between them as well as Nischnje Selischtsche, the house of Hudaki Village Band. The music of Hudaki is influenced by the ancient Jewish Klezmer. Benjy's meeting with the Hudaki Village Band was "love at first sight". And likewise their music sounds. Now it is gradually re-emerging in common sessions around Europe. Is it traditional? No one can say with certainty. Does it respond to the emotions and fate of the Jewish and non-Jewish population of Maramorosh? We believe so. See for yourself at Klezmer Festival in Kyiv.

  • DJ Derbastler
  • Bandaradan ft. Mama Nastya

    5 Italian musicians of Bandaradan, a popular band from Turin, having met the Ukrainian singer Anastasia Yeromenko, aka Mama Nastya, immediately fell in love with her voice. This was the birth of a new album and tour of Bandaradan ft. Mama Nastya. Together they focus on the Gypsy and Balkan Klezmer repertoire, mixing the Italian passion for life and music with the Ukrainian subconscious provocation and force. So let their loud music from the stage light up your hearts!
    Kyiv Klezmer Fest on 18-19 May and Neufchatel Buskers Festival on 13-18 August

  • Musafir & Lenara Osmanova

    The ensemble was formed in 2016 in Kyiv by the professional Crimean Tatar performers. The ensemble includes:
    Akym Karakash (violin),
    Seran Berdubekov (clarinet, doira),
    Shevket Zmorka (accordion),
    Dilyaver Osmanov (trumpet, vocal).
    In a short time the ensemble performed on many stages of Ukraine and Europe (Prague, Vilnius), participated in the television music projects. The team brought together prominent personalities, virtuoso performers, each of which, in addition, made a serious solo career and had achievements worthy of deep respect. Akym Karakash is a violinist of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine. Dilyaver Osmanov is the conductor of the Kyiv Children and Youth Opera and Ballet Theater Orchestra, Shevket Zmorka is solo accordionist, participant of the numerous musical projects in Ukraine and Europe. Seran Berdubekov is a famous singer of the Crimean Tatar folk music. These musicians create ordinary miracles on the stage together.

  • New Tsayt Band
  • SHO?!

    Sho?! Band is from Odessa, it lives in it and plays Balkan music, Roma songs, melodies of Bessarabia, klezmer solos, Greek rhythms, Ukrainian Colomiya's songs, and Odessa couplets. A small orchestra gathers music that is typical for our multinational region, mixes and redesigns it to their tastes and possibilities, and treats the listeners with this strong cocktail in the theaters and bars, at weddings and in concert halls, yards and squares. All this funny noise is great for dancing and drinking, which means that we are waiting for you in our troublesome rallies.
    Dance melodies provide:
    Sergiy Krivoruchko – accordion and vocal
    Oleg Andreyev – vocal and guitar
    Yuliya Lukiyaneno – fiddle and fiddlestick
    Danylo Rebikov – big drum
    Oleksiy Olyanyne – all kinds of drums
    Oleg Semeryuk - trumpet and whistle
    Vyacheslav Kovtun – tuba bass

  • Samuel Berthod & Stanko Marinkovic
  • Hazmat Modine

    It's a weird time now in the United States and Hazmat Modine participates in the situation improvement by releasing a fourth collection of studio records titled Box of Breath. Life and death, all of us are just vehicles of the spirit. Hazmat Modine raised indigenous American music to the Shakespearean heights, sealed the parables of human experience to the American commercial format (tin pan alley). Thanks to Wade’s special voice and concertina, Joseph Daley’s wavelike sousaphone, classical bugles, diverse strings, percussion and shimmering vocal harmonies, the Box of Breath is a collection of Strum und Drang (Storm and Stress) in the interpretation of the traditional American band. To date, this is probably the best work of Hazmat.
    All songs of Box of Breath are about death and humanism.
    Song "Crust of Bread" is the original singing based on the Malian groove. "Dark River" is a mournful waltz lullaby. "The Hoarder" is an intrusive collection of "things" in the style of a minor drag of the early 20th century.
    The music was recorded in and around New York. This is an attempt to participate in the international diplomacy, an olive branch of humanity for the world. Hazmat Modine strives to bribe us all with the music. Each of us, the vehicles of the spirit.